What better way to practise your English than to do it somewhere warm and sunny. Malta not only offers beautiful beaches and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, its architecture and historic buildings provide a perfect backdrop to learning English.

The thing that makes Malta unique is that its past is still very present today. The island is often described as an ‘open air museum’, referring to the ancient architecture and relics of the Maltese past. It’s also home to 3 UNESCO World heritage sites: the city of Valletta, Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum and the Megalithic Temples of Malta.

Over the course of 7,000 years, Maltese culture has been influenced by Europe, Africa and the Middle East, resulting in an eclectic mix of cultures. Even British culture has found its way into Malta, due to the fact that the country was part of the British Empire for over 160 years until their independence in 1964. The English language is still spoken and is the second official language of Malta.

Our locations

School of English – St. Julian’s – Malta

Course recognised by EAQUALS, IALC, FELTOM – With the opportunity to take Trinity and Toeic exams.
As a result of its tradition and reputation this school is, without a doubt, one of the best English schools in Malta. It offers scholastic, recreational and welcoming facilities of the highest quality and the teachers are constantly busy with improving their teaching skills and helping their students to advance their knowledge. Located in the centre of St. Julian’s, with its lively nightlife, it is hard to find a better location for students to learn English.

The school's facilities such as; a computer room with free Wi-Fi access, common rooms with satellite television and DVD players, a library and a restaurant and coffee bar.

Located in the Paceville district in St. Julian’s, students are only a few minutes’ walk from the beach and also very well connected to Malta’s public transport system. Available all year around.

Our Programmes in Malta

Study Programme

The British International School offers its students a traditional General English programme, combining it with entertainment in Malta all year round.

Students attend the traditional English courses with qualified native English teachers and have the opportunity to attend a theatre workshop delivered by a native speaking actor.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Our accommodation

  • Our Host Families
  • Our Hotels
  • Our Campuses

Our host families all live in residential areas near the school. The students stay in a double room with shared bathrooms and the tour leaders will have single rooms with private bathrooms. They provide half or full board accommodation. The associated school is the St. Julian’s School of English.

The hotels are located in the city centre. They provide triple or quadruple rooms with bathrooms for the students and single rooms with bathrooms for the teachers.

The residence in Malta has a 4-star rating and is only available during the summer. The students will have a triple or quadruple room with shared bathroom and the tour leaders get single rooms with en-suite bathrooms. There is a restaurant where breakfast and meals are well-prepared and varied. Moreover, there are also common and recreational areas with indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The residence is located in a recreational area and is the perfect place for young students. The school is a 15-minute bus ride away from the residence.