Live Online Workshops

  • Business Etiquette
  • Communication skills
  • Theatre Workshop
  • How to be a Guide

Business Etiquette

This workshop will teach students how to sell themselves to the best of their abilities by writing effective cover letter and CV, and acing their job interviews. Students will engage in exercises, roleplays and interview simulations, to practice these skills.

  • Business Etiquette in UK -Rules, regulations and social behaviour in the workplace.
  • Health and safety at work / Risk assessment.
  • How to write a CV (Format and content for a specific job (e.g. tour and travel guide, Marketing Manager or Social Media Specialist)
  • Writing an effective cover letter, presenting yourself in a positive and interesting light.
  • Learning the difference between English and European CV formats.
  • Preparation of your job-specific CV.
  • Preparing for a job interview.
  • Simulation of the job interview using skills and techniques learned in the classroom.
  • Interpersonal communication and team communication skills.

Communication skills

This workshop will focus on developing, in a student, effective communication abilities across several job sectors. The workshop will include several different activities designed to take students out of their average communication setting and into professional scenarios where they will have to actually use these skills.

  • Personal presentation skills;
  • Role plays;
  • Voice setting and body language;
  • Method, tone and linguistic suitability in the narration of an event: comic, tragic, important, significant;
  • How to deal with a problem at school, at work, with family, with friends;
  • Describing clear targets for effective communication;
  • Deepening verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication;
  • Exploring personal communication styles within the relationship with the interlocutor, evaluating its effectiveness and learning to modify and adapt during the interaction;
  • Use feedback as a listening tool;
  • Analysing context to understand the communication;
  • Learning to perceive situations from the other party‚Äôs perspective and to adapt your own views accordingly.

Theatre Workshop

Students will delve in the world of theatre by engaging in professional acting exercises that will help them understand the importance of vocal work, movement, emotions, masks and rhythm, all done using a selection of Shakespeare plays as well as extracts from Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and the Lion King. Depending on the length of the course, students will perform and/or act out either a selection of scenes or an entire play. This class is very popular amongst our students as working in groups helps build their self-esteem and team work skills.

  • Acting Techniques
  • Vocal Skills
  • Team Work
  •                     Sherlock Holmes

                        Harry Potter


  • Different Styles of Text:
  •                     Stage Plays



How to be a Guide

This workshop, led by qualified Blue Badge guides, involves theoretical preparation for professional tourist guides as well as a phase of practical guidance around real-world locations where students, acting as guides, can put their learning into practice. This experience is aimed at improving verbal and communication skills, particularly in front of the public.

  • Touristic Presentations
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Historical Writing
  • Variety of Interesting Locations:
  •                     Historic Buildings/Statues/Monuments

                        Modern Architecture

                        Royal Buildings


                        Art Galleries